We have been serving “the dear neighbor” since 1650 in France and since 1860 in the Diocese of Erie.   The dear neighbor is everyone beginning with those closest to us. Our sisters first came to the United States and the Erie Diocese to teach, but soon began ministering to the sick, the orphaned and the elderly and many others.

 We Founded Many Ministries

 And we served in many others, including Harborcreek School for Boys (now Harborcreek Youth Services), St. Joseph Home for Children and numerous diocesan schools.

We belong to the U.S. Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph, a dynamic group of more than 4,465 sisters, 2,919 associates and 26 agrégées of 16 congregations throughout the United States.  Globally, there are thousands of Sisters of St. Joseph in more than 55 countries.

For a complete history of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania, or to request a complimentary copy of Come to the Waters, our history as written by Leonie Shanley, SSJ and Mary Francis Becker, SSJ ($6 S&H), contact our Archives Office at 814-836-4100 or archives@ssjerie.org