maxim 28 – read the original

Sharon Urban

On occasion, give yourself a reality check–“I am not the center of the world.”

The Maxims of the Little Institute of the Sisters of St. Joseph were written by our founder, Father Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ, in the late 1600s as fundamental principles which a person seeking a life with God could follow.

Sister Susan Wilcox, CSJ of Brentwood, NY and a group of her high school students provided the contemporary translations.

Original Maxim 28, as written by Fr. Médaille:

Be sad over the world’s notice of you or affection for you and be convinced that such notice and affection are wasted on anyone who so little merits it; and, on the contrary, desire only that the preoccupation and affection of people be, like that of the angels, of God alone and for God alone.