maxim 80 – read the original

Sharon Urban

When good things happen to you, pay it forward!

And don’t forget to act on behalf of our Mother Earth.

The Maxims of the Little Institute of the Sisters of St. Joseph were written by our founder, Father Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ, in the late 1600s as fundamental principles which a person seeking a life with God could follow.

Sister Susan Wilcox, CSJ of Brentwood, NY and a group of her high school students provided the contemporary translations.

Original Maxim 80, as written by Fr. Médaille:

Consider as certain that, when you commit fewer faults and practice virtue more easily, you are not more holy but only more indebted to God and to his grace, such grace often makes beginners more devoted in good works and less prone to faults than those who have already made much progress.  Be aware that holiness consists in something utterly hidden and known to God alone.