maxim 96 – read the original

Sharon Urban

All your beauties and talents are just borrowed.

Remember who owns them.

The Maxims of the Little Institute of the Sisters of St. Joseph were written by our founder, Father Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ, in the late 1600s as fundamental principles which a person seeking a life with God could follow.

Sister Susan Wilcox, CSJ of Brentwood, NY and a group of her high school students provided the contemporary translations.

Original Maxim 96, as written by Fr. Médaille:

When you are fortunate enough to possess the presence of grace and the desirable effects of God’s love, remember that
• this great good is something lent rather than belonging to you,
• it belongs to the Savior Jesus, from whose merits this good comes, more than it belongs to you,
• this same Savior may take it away from you when he pleases without doing you wrong, and
• if he ever withdrew his graces, the good in you would vanish like smoke.