Without really trying, I have had to assimilate the culture and language of a generation much younger than myself.  And that includes some of this new (at least to me, it is) text language filled with abbreviations and acronyms.  OMG! is one that’s used a lot.  While it may stand for a God reference that my generation would have been admonished to use, I know it’s popular in today’s jargon.  And so, I’ve come to accept its use and consider it a reminder that God, and prayer, can be found in all things, including a sense of surprise.  By adding a little comma it becomes a call to prayer.  Oh, my God . . .  

spirit of surprise! 

A blog by Sr. Dorinda Young, SSJ 

Sr. Dorinda

Sister Dorinda has been a Sister of St. Joseph for 58 years. During that time, she has ministered to young adults for 43 years, eight at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania and 35 years at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. (28 at the University’s Law Center). She has always enjoyed ministering to college-aged youth and looks forward to keeping connected with such vibrant young folks via her blog.