2020 Appeal: Companions on the Journey

If the COVID-19 crisis teaches us nothing else, let it underscore that we are all companions on this journey. We are interdependent.

Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we find ourselves on a journey in unsettling times. It seems that everything has changed. We have more questions than answers. We’re not sure when or how things will work out, but we know that they will. We have hope and the promise that “this too shall pass.”

We also have companions – like you – who have shared our journeys before and who continue along with us today. Many of you ask how we are doing and how you can help.

Rest assured, our ministries continue to serve the area’s most vulnerable – the homeless, the disadvantaged, and the elderly. The needs of these dear neighbors were great before the pandemic and they are even greater now.

Likewise, the needs of the congregation — especially for resources to care for our elderly sisters — were significant before the crisis. The economic effects of this time will only make it more challenging for all of us to prepare for the future.

We recognize how difficult this time is for everyone. So, first and foremost, know that we hold you in our prayers. And we ask that you do the same for us and those we serve.

For those of you who can, we ask you to consider a gift to help us respond to the ever-changing needs of this challenging time. Your support – through gift or prayer – will help more than you know.

Thank you. We are blessed to have you as companions on this journey.

Click here if you’d like to make a gift.

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