Agrégée membership responds to the growing desire among some Catholic women for something more . . . a desire to deepen their relationship with God and the Sisters of St. Joseph. They join the vowed sisters and Associates in witnessing God’s great love to the world.

Agrégée (ah-greh-ZHEY) French; attached to or aggregated with

Agrégées are called to permanently commit themselves to Christ by:

  • embracing the mission of unity of the Sisters of St. Joseph
  • connecting themselves to the Congregation through prayer, faith, personal relationships, mission and ministry, community functions, and service
  • professing a vow of fidelity

Agrégée candidates participate in a two-year discernment/formation process before acceptance as Agrégées. Agrégées live in their own homes, continue their independent lives, and are responsible for their own financial affairs, including healthcare and retirement.

Interested women are asked to attend an information session, participate in an interview process and submit a letter requesting candidacy. Each candidate is then assigned a professed Sister-mentor to companion her through this journey.

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