God is always calling us to a deeper commitment, whether it’s through single, married or religious life.  Whatever you’re being called to, something brought you to this moment . . .to this page.  We hope to help you find answers.



Open to single, Catholic women; permanent; canonical vows of poverty, chastity and obedience; 6 – 9 year formation process; live in “SSJ community”; finances governed by the vow of poverty. Find out more . . . vocations@ssjerie.org



Open to Catholic women; permanent; non-canonical vow of fidelity; usually a 2-year formation process, sometimes 3 years; continue with independent living arrangements; option to live in “SSJ community”; personal responsibility for finances, health care, retirement, funeral expenses and indebtedness. Find out more . . . agregee@ssjerie.org


Open to men and women; annual, renewable commitment; 1 year formation process; continue with independent living arrangements; option to live in “SSJ community”; personal responsibility for finances, health care, retirement, funeral expenses and indebtedness.  Find out more . . . associates@ssjerie.org


Meet some of our SSJ Associates

Meet SSJ Associates Carol and Tom Hoffman

Carol and Tom Hoffman celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary on January 27. They are members of St. Andrew’s Parish where Carol has worked for 42 years as a pastoral associate. She has been the religious education coordinator, liturgical planner, choir … Read More

Meet New Associate Valerie Carlson

Valerie Carlson is a member of Our Lady of Peace Parish where she is involved in their prayer line ministry. She is the mother of three daughters, one of which is deceased and the grandmother of four.  Valerie had two … Read More

Meet New Associate Amy Dennen

Amy Dennen is a member of Blessed Sacrament Parish.  She is married to Craig Dennen and they have one son.  Amy is the daughter of Associate Betty Rowan and the cousin of Sister Mary Ellen Dwyer ( both deceased).  She … Read More

Meet New Associate Maggie Link

Maggie Link is a native of PIttsford, New York and came to Erie to attend Mercyhurst University.  She is married to Kenneth Link and they are the parents of four grown children and grandparents of two.  Maggie is from St.Julia’s … Read More

Meet New Associate Wendy Sadlier

Wendy Sadlier is from St. Patrick’s Parish where she serves as a Eucharistic Minister and works in their gift shop. She also serves as a Eucharistic minister at St. Vincent Hospital.   Wendy has worked at the Barber National Institute as … Read More

Meet New Associate Julie Whan

Julie Whan was born in Buffalo, New York, and moved to Erie at the age of ten. She graduated from Mercyhurst University with a bachelor’s degree in English.  She and her husband Alvin are the parents of two grown children … Read More


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