God is always calling us to a deeper commitment, whether it’s through single, married or religious life.  Whatever you’re being called to, something brought you to this moment . . .to this page.  We hope to help you find answers.



Open to single, Catholic women; permanent; canonical vows of poverty, chastity and obedience; 6 – 9 year formation process; live in “SSJ community”; finances governed by the vow of poverty. Find out more . . . vocations@ssjerie.org



Open to Catholic women; permanent; non-canonical vow of fidelity; usually a 2-year formation process, sometimes 3 years; continue with independent living arrangements; option to live in “SSJ community”; personal responsibility for finances, health care, retirement, funeral expenses and indebtedness. Find out more . . . agregee@ssjerie.org


Open to men and women; annual, renewable commitment; 1 year formation process; continue with independent living arrangements; option to live in “SSJ community”; personal responsibility for finances, health care, retirement, funeral expenses and indebtedness.  Find out more . . . associates@ssjerie.org


Meet some of our SSJ Associates

Meet SSJ Associate Paul Wilcosz

Paul Wilcosz became an SSJ Associate in 2018 at the invitation of his friends, Associates Ted and Mary Wright. Sister Claudia Dombrowski served as his mentor. Paul first became acquainted with the Sisters of St. Joseph while his children attended … Read More

Meet SSJ Associate Stephanie Hall

Twenty years ago, in May of 2000, Stephanie became our Director of Communications and Public Relations and the first layperson hired to our administrative staff (see box). Two years later, Stephanie and her mother, Mary Lou Rathers, became associates. Sisters … Read More

Meet SSJ Associate Fr. Dennis Martin

Fr. Dennis claims Pittsburgh, PA as his hometown where he was educated by the Sisters of Charity. He credits the sisters and the priests of his parish for his vocation. In 1975, he was ordained as a Marianist priest and … Read More

Meet SSJ Associate Cindi Olesky

A native of Erie, Cindi is one of three children in her family.  She attended Villa Maria Academy and received a degree from Kent State University. Cindi joined the SSJs as the Director of Finance in August, 2000.   She became … Read More

Meet SSJ Associate Rita Lyle

Rita says that becoming an associate has enhanced her spiritual life and she enjoys the friendship of the sisters. For the past 12 years, she was a volunteer in Marycrest where she enjoyed working with the sisters. More recently, she … Read More

meet SSJ Associate Brandon Vogt

Brandon Vogt became an associate in 2012. At 32, he is our youngest associate. Sr. Mary Thomas Downing, his mentor, said, “Tell them you sang your way in.” Brandon is a pastoral liturgist and musician in the Diocese of Erie … Read More


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