a special homecoming

Sr. Mary Kay McNelis was recently honored by Pastor Fr. Dan Arnold and the parishioners of St. Mark the Evangelist Church in Lawrence Park where she served as Director of Religious Education for 8 years.

Sister Mary Kay attended the Liturgy on Dec. 11, during which she was warmly welcomed and renewed acquaintances with families, friends, and former co-workers.   

At a reception in the Ward Center, words of testimony and appreciation were shared about her contributions as Director of Religious Education.  Some of her contributions that were mentioned include: 

A well-formed catechetical team and program

 Young mothers’ Bible Study

 “Spring and Fall retreats that were “mountain-top experiences’”

 Programs such as Genesis and the Giving Tree

 “Sister touched our lives in many ways and she was our family.”

A fitting tribute recognizing Sr. Mary Kay’s pastoral presence and ministry at St. Mark the Evangelist was the addition of her photo in the Ward Center Hall of photos of Pastors and Bishops.