With joy and gratitude, we celebrate the lives and service of our sisters who are celebrating jubilee milestones this year!



Teresa Marie Bohren, SSJ — 70 years

“The Lord nudged me in high school.” That’s the way Sister Teresa Marie Bohren, SSJ, describes her call to religious life. “The strongest influence was the example of my parents,” she says. “They did what was right, no matter how … Read More

Margaret Ann Hardner, SSJ — 70 years

Sister Margaret Ann Hardner, SSJ, wanted to be a Maryknoll Sister and serve in a foreign land.  Her parents were reluctant, however, for her to be so far away. They felt she could do as much here with the Sisters … Read More

Ann Marie Joint, SSJ — 60 years

The thought of a religious vocation came to Sister Ann Marie Joint, SSJ, at an early age, she recalls, having considered it as early as during 7th and 8th grade, though admittedly, she tried to ignore it. She was impressed … Read More

Colette Palmer, SSJ — 60 years

Sister Collette Palmer, SSJ, recalls hearing the call to religious life in the 4th grade. She was so impressed with the love, joy and dedication to God of a young postulant, Sr. Michelle Pillar, that she knew she too was … Read More

Martha Howick, SSJ — 60 years

Sister Martha Howick, SSJ, says that her call to religious life was dormant until adulthood. “Having learned for the first time that God had a unique plan for my life was very freeing,” she recalls. “From then on, with fervent … Read More

Mary Francis Becker, SSJ — 60 years

Sister Mary Francis Becker, SSJ, says the call to religious life was always present. “I kept denying it was there, but God does not relent,” she says. Her parents were the first and most impressive examples of faith in action … Read More