Sisters in Ministry
We live and work so that all people may be united with God and with one another. To bring about this unity, we search out and undertake any spiritual and corporal work of mercy of which we are capable. These are we can perform that extend God’s compassion and mercy to those in need. We encourage and assist those who desire to follow Christ more closely, and we work to alleviate the conditions which cause ignorance, poverty, suffering and oppression.

Our Mission in Action
We sponsor and minister through several established ministries including Saint Mary’s Home of ErieSisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network, St. Patrick’s Haven St. James Haven, and Erie DAWN. In addition, here are some other ways sisters are actively involved in ministry:

Board Service
Sisters serve on the boards of numerous institutions.

Congregational Service
Sisters may serve one another in a variety of capacities such as elected leadership, ongoing faith formation, and working departments like archives, finance, liturgy, and more.

Diocesan and Parish Ministry
Our sisters serve in individual parishes where there is a need, as well as at the diocesan level.

Our sisters serve in schools and teach in many non-traditional ways including religious education and reading tutoring. Sisters also serve as professors, presenters, tutors, and in campus ministry.

Health Care
The healing ministry of Jesus has always been at the forefront for our sisters. Our sisters serve as chaplains, advocates, in mission services, and more.

Peace & Justice
Sisters strive to be a voice for those who don’t have one and advocate for systemic change where it is needed, particularly in matters that affect the under-resourced and vulnerable members of society.

Social Service/Outreach
Meeting the needs of the “dear neighbor” is expressed in numerous ministries such as advocacy, affordable housing, refugee ministry and more.

Spirituality and Spiritual Direction
Numerous sisters serve as spiritual directors and meet regularly with individuals. Our sisters also serve by participating in prayer groups and prayer request ministry.

There are sisters wo minister by teaching art and music.

To be a Sister of St. Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania often means you’re volunteering for something. For some sisters, volunteering is a full-time ministry. Church and civic organizations benefit from Sisters’ volunteerism.