Our personal spiritual growth is nourished and enhanced by daily, or frequent, spiritual readings, prayers, and periods of quiet contemplation and reflection.  Here we offer you a variety of resources from within the larger SSJ community to assist you on your journey. 

Maxims of the Little Institute and the Maxims of Perfection
Written in 17th century France by Father Jean Pierre Medaille, the Maxims of Perfection are fundamental rules of conduct that a person seeking a life with God could follow.  They still have a message for us today. 



Our Thirst is for More than Water

In yesterday’s readings, the dialogue begins. Firstly, it’s between Moses and his people who are thirsting for water on their journey – and then between Moses and God who responds so generously, providing the water. “If today you hear God’s … Read More

Direction on the path

Our spiritual life is one of the most precious gifts God has given us and, our efforts to develop and foster this life can be greatly aided by the practice of spiritual direction. Spiritual direction can be defined as helping … Read More

What does it mean . . . spirituality?

We are witnessing a spiritual awakening unprecedented in modern times, according to scholars in American religious thought. In response to this awakening and the deeply human experience of longing and desire for meaning in a world that is in chaos, … Read More