Ash Wednesday: The beginning of the end that leads to the new beginning.

A Lenten Reflection by SSJ Associate Catherine Shimek

Ash Wednesday is the day I begin to undertake the removal of some wall that I built between me and God. I examine my life and ask what thing or things have caused a separation over the last year or longer and how I can work to remove or diminish that wall over the next 40 days. What is taking up mental space that keeps me from deepening my faith connections, and how do I address it? As an example, in the past, I have given up television and committed the found time to

be more attentive to the cleanliness of my house. The result is not just a cleaner house but less guilt about an unkept house and, most importantly, the freeing of the mental space that the guilt was occupying. The whole idea is to free up time and capacity to then devote to my relationship with and service in the name of God. And it works! It is the beginning of the end that leads to a wonderful new beginning.
​Thank you, God.

There are no endings, just new beginnings.

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