Love Listens; Do You?

A reflection by Josette Marie Gocella, SSJ

As I pondered what might be the message of this reflection to be shared with the congregation and the broader community, I glanced at the various “stick-ums” currently on the refrigerator in my living space. The one which dominates the overall arrangement says, “LOVE LISTENS.” And I thought, ‘that ought to dominate!’ For if each of us made this the one personal resolution even for a day, imagine the efficacy of it.

There seem to be dozens of interests, clamoring needs, conditions, desires, choices, issues, possibilities, concerns that often claim our attention. Yet, if “LOVE LISTENS” overtook the focus of even the members of a family, an office group who worked together, a team of people who played a sport, a cluster of apartment dwellers, neighbors on a street, — can you imagine what might begin to happen? There are basically two issues to this phrase; there are two words and two issues. Each is powerful and loaded with meanings.

What would it take for you to live into this phrase for even one hour? ‘But,’ you are thinking, ‘this can’t be a one-way street.’ I can’t be the only one to live it out. Those I live with, work with, study with, pray with — all will have to be involved. So, what will it take for a small group of you and your friends/neighbors/co-workers to decide to try it, to give it your best shot? There are two full weeks of Lent left.

Call or email a couple of friends; explain what you would like to do. You may even have to let those you live with know what you are trying to do in case they find your “silence” odd or off-putting. You may find that as you consciously make an effort to listen you are drawn to respond in ways you haven’t tried before.

One Comment on “Love Listens; Do You?”

  1. The article, Love Listens by Sr. Josette Marie was an amazing Lenten reflection. I can’t wait to put this idea into practice! Often I find my mind wandering while listening to a friend, a family member or even a stranger who begins a conversation in the line at the Pharmacy or Grocery Store. This is an encounter with the God within that person and they deserve my respect and full attention. Tomorrow I will begin to listen with the ear of my heart. ❤
    Thank You, Sr. Josette Marie.
    Sally Maleno, VMA Class of 70.

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