God’s timing is often not my timing.

A reflection ​by Clare Marie Beichner, SSJ

Life and seasons have their timing. Mums typically bloom in the fall. The mums I purchased in September bloomed beautifully until late October. However, the mums I bought in 2022 and planted in the garden to have fall blossoms didn’t happen. I gave them special attention in the spring, summer, and into the fall. I faithfully watered and fertilized them, yet there was no sign of blossoms until late November. Gradually a few buds appeared but were hesitant to fully blossom. It wasn’t until mid-December that they finally bloomed. I was even more excited when they continued to blossom until mid-January when they froze. I shared their beauty on our kitchen table. 

This journey provided an on-going reflection of how I hear and respond to God’s voice. My timing and desire for hearing is often different than God’s timing. I needed to wait, be prepared, and allow the fullness of grace to come. I find that this is the message of this week in Lent. We desire to hear God’s voice, to seek signs, to go beyond our sinfulness, to be transformed, and yet the message is to allow God’s timing to bear fruit or blossom when it is meant to be.

The message in Mark 12 captures this: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

My prayer is to blossom more fully with this love of God in all aspects of my life. Our mission in life is to be attentive to God’s timing.

Lent is a time for an expectation of growth, an openness to, and firm trust in the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I am called to embrace growth with an intentional presence of being with others with respect and reverence. I seek God’s timing to accept that each person’s life in grace is a mystery which no one can fully know or understand.

So, “If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your hearts.”

2 Comments on “God’s timing is often not my timing.”

  1. Beautifully stated SCM. We all can learn a lesson from this regarding the need to be patient and wait on God’s timing.

  2. Thank you Sr. Claire for your reflection on …God’s Timing is not our timing… It resonated with me as I try to be attentive to God’s voice as I continue to adjust to the surprises of being newly retired… Lent is indeed a time of openness to trust and growth.

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