A Different Kind of Border Crossing


Yesterday was our day off. One of the other volunteers, Marsha, offered to drive Deb, Patrice and me to the bridge to walk into Mexico. We walked across the bridge over the border and into the town of Juarez, Mexico where we spent the morning. We visited the Cathedral and did a little shopping and then walked back over the bridge and into the United States.

What a different experience we had crossing the border than the people we serve. We simply paid our $.30 bridge fee, walked across the bridge, presented our passports at Border Patrol and we were on our way. The whole process, including the walk across the bridge, took maybe 20 minutes. I think of the many people who have shared that their journey took 20 days or longer and their border crossing experience was not nearly as uncomplicated as ours.

After returning to El Convento (the convent of the Sisters of Loretto) where we are staying, we rested as we are all still battling sore throats, coughs and colds.

It was a good day but one which once again reminded me how very blessed I am. I have the freedom to come and go without being detained, without having my possessions taken from me, without having to fear “what happens next”. My prayer today is for all people in the world to have the freedom to travel without fear.


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