Holy Ground

You are here, so this is holy ground.”*  

These words, about Moses’ experience of God, come to mind during the gift of these summer days. I imagine Moses tending his flock and being caught off guard by what appeared to be a burning bush as he approached it with curiosity. (Exodus 3:1-3) 

In his noticing and paying attention, he was caught up in the mystery of the ordinary and experienced the awesome presence of the Holy. In that place and moment in his life, the ground was sacred.

One of the blessings of summer is that the pace of life seems to slow down a bit. After long and cold winter months, we relish the explosion of rainbow colors in the gardens, lazy walks, sunrises and sunsets, and relaxing time with family and friends.

During these summer days, we are invited to slow down, to notice life taking shape around us in unique and diverse ways through the persons and events we encounter.

When we notice and give our full attention, we just might see a “burning bush” and be caught up in a fuller experience of standing on the holy ground of all life. Hopefully, with new eyes, we grow in appreciation of the unity and sacredness of all life in God and become more deeply aware of, and responsive to, those who are deprived of this fullness of life.

Be surprised and nourished by the presence of God in everything!

(*Holy Ground, Monica Brown, 2000)