Lessons from geese

One day last week on my way into work, I was met by two Canada Geese that were blocking the door to the admin. building. I tried to get them to move but I was unsuccessful.  I was not a happy camper! As I started to go to the front of the building, one of the employees came out and the geese made a quick getaway. Once inside, I ranted about the geese with whomever I encountered.  As I was complaining, one of the sisters said, “Oh, look, aren’t they beautiful”!  “Beautiful??!!” 
I gasped in reply.

Later that day, as I left to go home, I found a picture of two geese on my car window. The caption read: “We are watching you.”  This was just what I needed to lift my spirits at the end of the day.

That evening, as I reflected on the events of the day, I thought about the geese. I remembered an article by Geoff Wilson entitled, “Learning from a Flock of Geese.” In the article, the author explains that when a flock of geese flies, they always fly in V formation. While flying, they are always honking.  If a goose becomes sick or is injured and falls to the ground, two other geese go down and stay with it until it is well. If it dies, they join another formation and continue on their journey.

According to Wilson, the geese teach us the importance of loyalty, teamwork, encouraging one another, looking after those who are sick or in need and using the gifts God gives us to reach out and serve others.

I now think of these geese differently. Rather than considering them to be an annoyance, they now remind me to reach out to the dear neighbor without distinction whenever and however I can.

Like the geese in formation, the SSJ community stays together and supports those in our midst who are in need of our help. This is what makes the SSJ Mission Possible.

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