COVID Relief – Sample Script

COVID Relief

Now that the Senate is back in session, the first order of business must be to call our Senators to accountability and demand that they pass a robust COVID relief package. Call Your Senators Today (202) 224-3121 and ask them to pass a COVID relief package. 

Suggested script:

“Good Morning, My name is ______________________.  I am a person of faith [a Catholic sister] and your constituent who lives in ______________________________. I believe that the role of government is to promote the common good, I strongly urge you during this lame duck session to pass a robust COVID relief package the magnitude of which matches the gravity of our current situation.

Even though the House passed a strong bipartisan COVID relief bill back in May, the Senate has yet to take action. This is unconscionable in the face of families and communities struggling under the burdens of the pandemic and its economic fallout.

The next COVID relief bill should provide assistance for:

  • families struggling to afford food, shelter, healthcare, and other basic needs;
  • counties and municipalities, to enable them to maintain critical public services; and
  • small businesses, so that they can keep their employees on the payroll.

NOW is the time to act. Our families, communities, and small businesses are suffering. Can I count on the Senators’ support? Thank you!”

We are moving into a dangerous time with regard to the coronavirus. U.S. confirmed cases are now in excess of ten million and the seven-day average number of new cases has been over 100,000 for much of the past week. Public health officials are warning of escalating cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the coming weeks.  Thank you for making the call and urging the Senate to pass a strong COVID relief bill.