meet SSJ Associates Ted and Mary Wright

Spring has sprung! I feel a renewed sense of ambition and wanted to know what other associates are doing to spread the charism. I was blessed to speak with Mary Wright. Mary and her husband, Ted, became associates in 2008. Sr. Mary Alice Reed was their mentor. Mary and Ted moved to Beaverton, OR in 2016 to live near their children. They are active members of their parish and involved in numerous activities including coffee and donuts after mass, food pantry distributions, and the Faith Cafe (a nondenominational Sunday meal free to anyone). They enjoy working with Kindergarten students, providing extra encouragement to build a great reading foundation. They have made a conscious choice to devote part of each day to serving the dear neighbor. They model their Golden years after the sisters and have found it to be the most rewarding season of their lives. Mary’s words challenged me to find new ways to deepen my relationships with God and the dear neighbor.

Isn’t that an awesome way to embrace the new spring season?

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