God is always calling us to a deeper commitment, whether it’s through single, married or religious life.  Whatever you’re being called to, something brought you to this moment . . .to this page.  We hope to help you find answers.



Open to single, Catholic women; permanent; canonical vows of poverty, chastity and obedience; 6 – 9 year formation process; live in “SSJ community”; finances governed by the vow of poverty. Find out more . . .



Open to Catholic women; permanent; non-canonical vow of fidelity; usually a 2-year formation process, sometimes 3 years; continue with independent living arrangements; option to live in “SSJ community”; personal responsibility for finances, health care, retirement, funeral expenses and indebtedness. Find out more . . .


Open to men and women; annual, renewable commitment; 1 year formation process; continue with independent living arrangements; option to live in “SSJ community”; personal responsibility for finances, health care, retirement, funeral expenses and indebtedness.  Find out more . . .


Meet some of our SSJ Associates

meet SSJ Associate Anne Freitas

Anne Freitas has been on the faculty of Kent State University for 24 years. She presently is an Assistant Professor of Nursing – teaching courses in pediatrics, obstetrics and medical surgical nursing. She belongs to a number of professional organizations. … Read More

meet SSJ Associate Joan Fels

With Sr. Joyce Lowrey as her mentor, Joan became an associate in 2017. She is a member of Holy Cross parish in Fairview. She attends daily mass at the CLC and has come to know many of the sisters. She … Read More

meet SSJ associate Patty George

Associate Patty George and her late husband, Bob, became associates in 1992 at the invitation of Sister Mary Paula Zaleski and Sister Stephanie Wagner. Patty has known the Sisters of St. Joseph since her days at St. Patrick’s grade school. … Read More

meet SSJ Associate Jan Staszewski

Connectedness. That is what led Jan to become an associate in 2006.  Jan’s connections with the SSJ include her education at St. John Grade School and Villa Maria Academy; and working at St. Mary’s Home of Erie and Saint Vincent … Read More

meet ssj associate Tom Hudson

A physical therapist, Tom retired from Gannon University where he was an Assistant Professor and taught Pediatrics and Adult Neurology for twenty years.  He also worked part-time for 35 years, retiring in June 2018, from the Erie Homes for Children … Read More

meet SSJ Associates Ted and Mary Wright

Spring has sprung! I feel a renewed sense of ambition and wanted to know what other associates are doing to spread the charism. I was blessed to speak with Mary Wright. Mary and her husband, Ted, became associates in 2008. … Read More


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