If you’re looking to connect or re-connect with one of our sisters, you’ve come to the right place. You may not know a sister’s last name, so this search is by first names. After Vatican II, many sisters returned to using their birth names rather than the religious names they were given when they entered the congregation. We’ve included current and former first names for those sisters whose names changed. All you have to do is search for a sister by the name you remember.  If her name has changed, she will come up in the search results showing her new name.

Feel free to click the Get In Touch link to send an email to a sister.  If sister is deceased but you wish to make contact regarding that sister, send an email to publicrelations@ssjerie.org. (Initial inquiries to sisters via the website may not be confidential; please do not include private information until direct contact is established.) 

Photo of Mary Ellen Dwyer, SSJ

Mary Ellen Dwyer, SSJ

Deceased Sister
Entrance Date: August 30, 1955 Final Profession: August 15, 1961 Website: Read Sister’s obituary.


Former religious name: Sr. Mariella

Entrance:  August 30, 1955

Final profession: August 15, 1961

Home parish: St. Bernard, Bradford, PA