acknowledge kindness

While traveling last week, one of our staff members decided to thank the TSA employees for coming to work and she expressed her appreciation, to which they seemed a bit surprised. Then she gave them and the gate agents a few SSJ BE KIND magnets. They LOVED them and put them to good use right away!

It’s important to recognize and thank the kindness of others.

Send a message of kindness to everyone you can, including those you don’t know who may be behind you at a stop light or walking past your parked car.  BE KIND magnets make it easy to remind everyone of the importance of being kind, even when it might be challenging or amidst differences. 

If you would like a BE KIND car magnet, they are available for a $5 donation to the Sisters of St. Joseph Mission and Ministries Foundation.  Click here to get yours.

Kindness — Get in the Habit!

Too often, we get caught in the busy-ness of life or feel the effects of the seemingly endless negative, divisive and violent messages we are bombarded with each day.  We all need reminders to be kind.