Give Someone a Kindness Card!

Sisters of St. Joseph are introducing “kindness cards” which are small cards given to anyone you see doing an act of kindness. 

“If we acknowledge and reinforce kindness when we see it, we believe it will foster more kind acts,” said Mary Herrmann, SSJ. “We encourage everyone to use the kindness cards to acknowledge and increase kindness in our community.”  The kindness cards can be downloaded and printed from the Sisters of St. Joseph website  

Download printable Kindness Cards here. Note:  the cards are two-sided.

thumbnail of Kindness cards printable

Printable Kindness Cards

National Catholic Sisters Week takes place each year from March 8-14, during Women’s History Month, to celebrate the contributions of Catholic Sisters throughout the United States.  National Catholic Sisters Week began in 2014 supported by a grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.