SSJ Neighborhood Network East—keepin’ the mission alive!

The SSJNN west and east are reaching out to the youth in their area with a variety of unique programs.    Recognizing that there is a significant percentage of neighborhood youth with limited understanding of future career and work  opportunities, Colleen Burbules, program director of the SSJNN east developed and implemented a career awareness program at McKinley Elementary and Wilson Middle schools, both within the SSJNN east service area.

The program received a ministry support grant from the SSJ Mission and Ministries Foundation this year. In previous years, funding support came from United Way and the Erie Community Foundation.

Colleen recently shared details of this and other successful programs, including an initiative for the younger children to develop self awareness and self esteem.

Colleen facilitates  approximately seven sessions each year in every classroom at McKinley Elementary School. She also developed a program for 6-8 grade students at Wilson Middle School which includes identifying character traits,  study skills, learning styles, work habits, resume writing, career opportunities, a career day with guest speakers and a career program in conjunction with the Tech Ed Program at Erie High School. These programs have been highly successful. 

Thank you Colleen for the informative presentation and the work you are doing. We are blessed to have you and Margarita Dangel at SSJNN east making the SSJ Mission Possible.