Mission Haiti – Educating Girls Out of Poverty

For the past six years, the Sisters of St. Joseph in the U.S. and Canada have collaborated with Mission Haiti to help rebuild the lives of the Haitian people after the 2010 earthquake. We are focusing on  educating girls, in particular at Annunciation School in Leogane, Haiti. Each year, the U.S. Federation of Sisters of St. Joseph sponsors a trip to visit the school and meet the girls. Our Social Justice Coordinator, Betsy Wiest, was scheduled for this year’s trip. Due to the state of unrest and violence in Haiti, the U.S. Government has prohibited all travel to Haiti. We continue to be concerned for the ten girls we sponsor who do not have the ability to leave. They live in the midst of violence as protesters seek to overthrow the government. Young girls are often helpless victims in times of violence. In an effort to keep the students safe, Mission Haiti temporarily closed the school. It is now open.  We continue to pray for these girls and all of the Haitian people.

We have created a Lenten Calendar that highlights what can be accomplished when girls are given an education.  It features some statistics about women and global poverty and the positive impact education can make.

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Each day  presents a fact about global poverty or an action.  As you follow the calendar, be inspired by what you can help accomplish.

Students at Villa Maria Academy in Erie, PA have been supporting an orphanage in Haiti. The orphanage houses and feeds about 125 people each day and its school educates 90 children. The orphanage is sponsored by the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation.  Unfortunately, the students last scheduled trip to Haiti was also cancelled due to the unrest.

Each year during Lent, we collect funds to support initiatives in Haiti.  This year, funds collected will be distributed to both Mission Haiti and the orphanage.

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Thank you in advance for using the Haiti Lenten Calendar. May your Lenten journey this year bring you into deeper relationship with those around you and with God.