The World is a Gift We Leave to Future Generations

Living a Responsible Lent – Caring for our Common Home – Week 4

“Once we start to think about the kind of world we are leaving to future generations, we look at things differently; we realize that the world is a gift we have freely received and must share with others.”  Pope Francis – Laudato Si 159

We are called to study the inner working of our society, our economy, human behavior and what we perceive to be reality vs. what is truly reality.  Our world is not facing a just an environmental crisis or just a social crisis.  One affects the other so the crisis we are facing is multi-faceted and is both environmental and social.  Now is the time to start conversations on how to work together to fight poverty, reduce the negative effects of the environmental impact we have on our common home, protect our wildlife, the soil, the air, the water.  Most importantly, now is the time to break down barriers of division and restore dignity and value to all human life, especially the poor and the marginalized.  We have but one planet.  It was given as gift to us by God and we are called to give it as gift to future generations.  What that gift looks like is our responsibility.  We are called to give a gift that is life sustaining and respects all life.  God desires a relationship with us.  Take time this week to spend some quiet time with God thanking Him for the gift of our common home.

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