The Road to El Paso

In February 1978, a group of volunteers in El Paso, Texas opened the doors of Annunciation House where in a gospel spirit of service and solidarity, migrant, refugee and the poor of El Paso are served through hospitality, advocacy and education. Currently, 400 to 700 refugees per day are being sent to Annunciation House by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be housed and cared for until their status can be determined.

In a few days, Agregee Deb Seng, Patrice Swick the Director of the Erie Diocese Social Justice and Life Office and I will be taking the road to El Paso to volunteer for two weeks at Annunciation House. As I prepare for this experience to serve, sure, I’ve packed my bags, purchased the plane ticket, made arrangements for housing but most importantly, I am praying.

My prayer is that I can show them the SSJ Charism of love of neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God – without distinction, that I can help ease their burden, even if only for a short time. The road to El Paso – what will we learn but more importantly, how can we help those in need at the border.

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  1. Dear Betsy, Deb and Patrice….my gratitude for your journey and service to those with such great need and especially for the illnesses and other demani a life changing event this must have been for all of you. God bless you all for participating in this life giving experience. Claire

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