Resting with the Lord


Deb, Patrice and I joined some of the other Sisters staying at El Convento for mass this morning at St. Joseph’s Church. Mass was quiet and peaceful. The people were warm and welcoming. We saw the group of volunteers who worked with us yesterday at our hospitality site. It seems as though so many people in this community are working with us to help the refugees on their journey.

We had the opportunity to spend some quiet time with our Lord and contemplate the experiences we have shared in serving the refugees. After mass and breakfast, we headed off for another day at the hospitality site.

The refugees we are serving did not have the opportunity to spend time with the Lord at mass today. I offered my mass for those who could not join us. For the refugees, today is another day of standing in never ending lines at the detention center waiting for the bus to bring them to our hospitality site. Once at our site, they again wait for us to complete intakes and make travel arrangements before they can be escorted to their rooms to shower and rest.

God deemed that Sunday is a day of rest. My prayer today is that as servants, we take the time we need to rest so we can continue to serve. Deb, Patrice and I are all battling colds, coughs and sore throats. My prayer today is for those we serve to find rest in their hearts and to feel the love and safety of being wrapped in the arms of Jesus. Stay with me on the journey.


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