Providing Comfort


Deb Seng, Agregee, has provided the blog for you today on one of her experiences during her Road to El Paso.

Who knew that spending every summer for 20 years scheduling students into classes would be a useful skill in El Paso. I spend most of my day assigning rooms to families. At our shelter site there are two hotels. Each family gets a bed in a room. Some rooms have 2 queen beds, others a king and a queen, still others a single king, and a few a single queen. It is like a giant chess board where you look for mom with son to put with another mom with son. Or dad with daughter with another dad with daughter. I try to look for ages as well as family unit. If there is a family traveling together they may be lucky enough to get a room with one bed for themselves.

The families are very grateful to be able to shower and rest in a bed. For some it has been a long time since they had those kind of amenities.

I am very blessed to be able to use my skills to serve these families. There is always a muchas gracias as they leave to go to their room. I am very thankful too!

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