A Call to Postpone the DACA Decision

Plaintiffs in one of the cases challenging the termination of DACA recently filed a letter with the Supreme Court asking them to consider the real-world consequences of the COVID-19 global health crisis for more than 700,000 DACA recipients and their families – including their 256,000 U.S. citizen children. The letter argues that if the Court upholds the termination of DACA and deprives 700,000 people of their deportation protections, their jobs, and therefore their healthcare, that it would wreak havoc on an already fragile health care system.

The Home is Here coalition members are already seeing the devastating effect this deadly pandemic is having on DACA recipients and their loved ones. The Supreme Court has a responsibility to consider the new circumstances that now includes the closure of USCIS offices, which could delay essential renewals as DACA recipients need to go to these offices in person to have their biometrics taken. This new unknown has caused a ripple effect that compounds anxieties around the real threat of deportations, financial instability, education, access to health care and treatment, and caretaking of their loved ones. These basic human rights are at stake during an unprecedented public health crisis that will jeopardize immigrant youth who are doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, child care providers, cleaners, business owners, and other first responders.  Read more HERE.

Sign the petition urging the Supreme Court Justices to DELAY issuing a ruling on DACA during the national health emergency.