Religious Life in the United States Today

The 2020 NRVC/CARA Study on Recent Vocations identified more than 3,500 women and men who entered religious life from 2003 to 2018.  On average, around 200 people a year make perpetual profession and about 400 begin the process of initial formation.

Key findings about new members:

Endless call:  Women and men continue to respond to the call to religious life.

Appeal:  Drawn by prayer, spirituality, charism, community life, and mission.

Attributes:  Culturally diverse; embrace intercultural, intergenerational living.

Lifestyle:  Committed to living simply and in solidarity with the poor.

Outlook:  Filled with abundant hope for religious life amid changing demographics.
The good news is that people are still being called to consecrated life. God calls. Women and men respond.  Religious life continues.

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