Mary Rachael McGuire, SSJ

Sister Mary Rachael McGuire, SSJ
80-year Jubilee

Sister Mary Rachael recalls going to Mass every morning before her job at the hospital as a young woman and Sister Anna Therese saying to her, “I think you should be a Sister.” The icon of our Mother of Perpetual Help, which hangs in the SSJ chapel, helps her to keep answering that call all these years later.

Sister Mary Rachael entered the Sisters of St. Joseph from St. Agatha parish in Meadville, Pennsylvania, in 1940 and professed her final vows in 1946.

Sister Mary Rachael graduated from St. Agatha High School in Meadville, PA, and received a BA in Social Studies from Villa Maria College in 1940. She later received a BA in English, also from Villa Maria College. She holds a Master’s degree in English from Catholic University in Washington, DC, and a Master’s degree in French from Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Sister Mary Rachael McGuire ministered as a teacher for more than 55 years in several Diocesan schools including Holy Rosary, St. Ann, St. Andrew, St. Patrick, St. Peter, Villa Maria Academy, and Cathedral Prep Schools in Erie; St. Francis in Clearfield, PA; St. Agatha High School in Meadville, PA; and Bradford Central Christian in Bradford, PA. She also worked at Saint Vincent Hospital and was the Pastoral Minister at St. Julia parish.

Sister Mary Rachael McGuire is currently retired and living at the Sisters’ Community Living Center.

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  1. To Sister Mary Rachael McGuire
    A long time ago . . . in a classroom far, far away . . . I sat in your 7th grade room with Frank Ray, Bill Dininny, and the rest, at St Peters Grade School. I remember your confident ‘stride”, and your “command” of the room. NOTHING got by you. I have told many stories of the shenanigans we tried to pull, and how you “regained control”. And I remember the twinkle in your eye when we did something right. Just so you know, I have been fairly successful since those days. I DID get through High School . . . . . then hit my stride in the Air Force.
    I parlayed that education / experience to a civilian career as an electronics engineer, and have worked on things from trains and trucks to Apollo, Voyager, and others. You did good!
    And could I tell you stories . . . . .
    I am sooooo happy to congratulate you on the occasion of your 80year Jubilee! Your memory has remained in my thoughts since those days in your seventh grade. And I think your place at the “Right Hand” is secure . . . .

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