Cindy Brown

Who would have ever thought that being a part of a community as a vowed Agrégée could have enlightened my vision and decision and yet led in some not-so-smooth paths.  The pandemic certainly has led to those not-so-smooth paths but never got in the way of my desire to continue following God’s call. Having been away physically due to the pandemic restrictions helped me realize how very important my commitment to this community is and how grateful I am to be able to be with everyone again as we all continue our journeys together.

Arlene Chaney and Jeanne Marie Ryan

Since 1980 we’ve been called by the lord to a variety of groups and activities by which we could support and/or directly serve others. In 1987 we became involved with a ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and discovered we were already living the charism of the community. In 1998, we formally became Associates but always felt we had a call to something “more”. We discussed our desires with Associate leadership, but the community was still trying to accept Associates, and unprepared to think any further. When others later discerned this same calling, the time was right and we were part of the 1st  Agrégée commitment in 2016. We feel we were actually called to be Agrégée in 1987, and the title has now just finally caught up to us. 

Teresa Cieslikowski

Judi Janke

Being an Agrégée of the Sisters of St. Joseph has given me a greater understanding of our charism of love of God and dear neighbor without distinction. Living at St. Joseph Apartments and volunteering at Chosen gives me the opportunity to exercise the charism almost daily.

Charleen Kellerman

Living as an Agregee is living awareness. Living awareness of the connection of God in and through all things and acting out of and honoring that awareness.  It can be quite humbling at times. 

Cindy Polesnak

I felt called to something more, a deepening of a relationship with God, living a commitment to respond to God by living the charism of the Congregation.

Deb Seng

Being an Agrégée for the last several years has helped me live my best life.  Having the prayers and support of the community through the pandemic and caring for my mother was truly a give from God.  As we begin to live our “new normal” I know the Spirit will show us new ways to live the charism. 

Michelle Tortorelli


Tammy Van Buren

I do not have the call to be a Sister of St Joseph, but I have the call to join their mission of loving and serving God and God‘s people.  That’s why I am an Agregee. I love the Sisters very much and am honored to follow their example of love & service.

Betsy Wiest

Since I was a little girl, the Sisters of St. Joseph have been an integral part of my life.  I initially became an Associate, but in my heart, I knew there had to be something more, something deeper, something that would more powerfully impact my life and my relationship with God and those around me.  Becoming an Agrégée seemed like the next natural step in my spiritual journey.  It deepened my relationship with God.  It opened the door for me to love neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God, without distinction, in a way that has forever changed my life.


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