Formation is a lifelong and personal process involving a conversion of the whole person to Jesus in faith so that each individual has the responsibility for continued growth.       SSJ Constitutions

The SSJ Retreat Team is committed to presenting programs and opportunities to aid your spiritual growth and development, including opportunities at the CLC such as the 2023 Summer Conference Retreat.  In addition, to help you explore and take advantage of various retreat opportunities beyond those at the CLC, the committee has compiled a comprehensive list of opportunities in a broad geographic area, as well as virtual retreat offerings, for 2023.  

If you have any specific questions or would like more information, contact Associate Margaret Chrymko

Click the images below to view and/or download a compilation of Directed Retreats and/or Guided and Conference Retreat opportunities for 2023.

thumbnail of retreats directed 2023 by date


thumbnail of retreats guided and conference 2023 by date