As I reflect on my experience of viewing the movie highlighting the life and legacy of Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, many thoughts and feelings stir in me. The film was powerful, poetic, and engaging. I appreciated the creative filming and the haunting music throughout. And the challenging questions before us. In a world that needs love and unity, are we willing to risk it all?
Who was Cabrini?  Awe-inspiring, fearless and courageous, spoke truth to power in male-dominated institutions.  Self-less, a woman of integrity, self-emptying love, and compassion, lived with hope and faith for a better future. Strength in weakness, the feminine face of God, turned challenges and roadblocks into opportunities. Rattled cages of those in power. As the six women, including Mother Cabrini, left Italy for missionary work in America to serve the Italian immigrants, especially orphaned children, living in poverty, and went on to create an empire of hope across the globe, I thought of the six original women in LePuy, France. Our first Sisters were moved by the same Spirit “to move always toward profound love of God and neighbor without distinction.”  Their followers crossed the ocean to St. Louis, facing many challenges as they served and lived among the poor. The branches growing from these strong roots continue in today’s world.  Other thoughts: Mother Frances Cabrini, by being true to herself and the Gospel values, challenged the superficiality and illusions of powers that denied human rights to others. She challenged powerful positions and places and people behind glass walls and polished desks. The transforming power and presence of one person living authentically can change the world. Her life path reflected the providence of God played out….in ways beyond human expectation. She had her heart set on going to China. When the door was closed, another opened to her American experience. She had a passion for justice. Mother Cabrini’s life was a spotlight on contemporary issues challenging us today, especially the treatment of immigrants everywhere. 
Sr. Rosemary O’Brien

The power of a remarkable woman who led with an inner strength, centered in her love of God and others, she made a difference by her courageous efforts to pave the way for many.   Her community and those lives who she influenced were her backbone to keep moving forward in spite of obstacles of power.
Sr. Clare Marie Beichner
Powerful, inspiring story of an American hero and holy woman.  She cared for the dear neighbor with amazing will.  The last line captures it all!
Associate Nancy Donnelly

I want to thank the Sisters for the opportunity to see Cabrini.  It was absolutely one of the best movies I’ve ever seen!  Mother Cabrini is an inspiration & I kept thinking throughout the movie that she is a true Sister of Saint Joseph!  
Agregee Tammy Van Buren