meet SSJ Associates and biological sisters Joan McCain and Kay Hotchkiss

Meadville associates and biological sisters Joan McCain and Kay Hotchkiss became associates in 2009 with guidance from mentors Jerry and Loeta Derby.

Joan and Kay are members of St. Hippolyte Parish in Frenchtown where they serve as Eucharistic ministers. Born in Meadville, they grew up on a farm in a family of eight. They agree that their siblings are their best friends and they cherish each other’s company.

Joan cooked for several local restaurants and baked pies to help support her seven children. Her daughter and son-in-law, Christine and Dan Partin, are also Associates.

Kay is the mother of three and has been a foster parent.  Four years ago, she and her husband, Carl, became Eucharistic ministers at Pleasant Ridge Manor where they continue to serve today.

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