meet SSJ Associate Edith Benson

Edith Benson, one of six children in her family, was born in Columbia, SC, and lived in Augusta, GA, and the Bronx, NY. During her younger years, she had aspirations to become a medical doctor and help others. Her career plans changed, however, when she was inspired by the work of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. Marshall also served as the head lawyer for the NAACP during the Civil Rights Movement. Edith decided that she, too, could be of service to others as a lawyer.

After receiving her degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1974, she spent her legal career helping those on the margins of society.

Edith is a member of St. Peter’s Cathedral, where she serves as a Eucharistic minister and is involved with the Day of Caring and the Bishop’s Breakfast programs. Additionally, she serves on the board of St. Patrick’s Haven and visits guests there each month.

Edith says she has great admiration for the SSJ commitment to God and neighbor. She became an associate in 2018. Associate Mary Fuhrman was her mentor.

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