Meet SSJ Associate Rita Lyle

Rita says that becoming an associate has enhanced her spiritual life and she enjoys the friendship of the sisters. For the past 12 years, she was a volunteer in Marycrest where she enjoyed working with the sisters. More recently, she has been volunteering in the Associate Office.

Rita is the second of four girls in her family. She and her husband, Bob, have been married for 56 years and are proud parents of two daughters, four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Prior to her retirement, Rita worked for many years as a medical receptionist. Currently, she is a member of St. Jude Parish. Rita belongs to a prayer group which was started by agrégée Judi Janke at St. Joseph Apartments.  In her free time, Rita enjoys reading and knitting.

Rita became an associate in 2006 and Sister Jude Marie Talerico was her mentor. 

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