Meet SSJ Associate Fr. Dennis Martin

Fr. Dennis claims Pittsburgh, PA as his hometown where he was educated by the Sisters of Charity. He credits the sisters and the priests of his parish for his vocation. In 1975, he was ordained as a Marianist priest and was accepted into the Erie diocese in 1984. He served at St. George Parish for three years and was pastor of St. Teresa’s Parish in Union City for six years before joining Saint Vincent Hospital as a chaplain.

He enjoys listening to classical music and attending concerts, both in Erie and Pittsburgh. He also enjoys movies, plays, and reading history. 

Fr. Dennis became an SSJ Associate in 2003; Sister Stephanie Wagner was his mentor. According to Fr. Dennis, she calls every month to make sure he is being a “good associate.“

“I totally enjoy living the SSJ charism. It is so Gospel-centered and focuses on the Holy Trinity, Mary, and St. Joseph – an inspiration for me and my ministry at Saint Vincent Hospital for the past 28 years.  I pray for all in these difficult times. May God’s love and mercy bless us all.”

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