Meet SSJ Associate Stephanie Hall

Twenty years ago, in May of 2000, Stephanie became our Director of Communications and Public Relations and the first layperson hired to our administrative staff (see box). Two years later, Stephanie and her mother, Mary Lou Rathers, became associates. Sisters Margaret Ann Hardner and Nancy Fischer were Stephanie’s sponsor and mentor.   

Stephanie enjoys being in nature, especially at the beach or in the desert of New Mexico.  She has a passion for art and painting. Following a 2019 pilgrimage in the desert during which she prayed for God to unleash her creativity, she has found a niche in painting iconic portraits on denim jackets. So far she has painted Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe, Elton John, and David Bowie. One of her works was accepted into the 2020 Erie Art Museum Spring Show which opens later this month. 

Stephanie is the proud mother of two children, both of whom also worked for the SSJs. On Leap Day this year, Stephanie’s first grandchild, Oliver, was born.

Stephanie is a graduate of Villa Maria Academy and John Carroll University.

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