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  1. OMG–Sr Mary Frances! I’ve lived in NC since 1985 but not longer before I met u by chance & u came by my home 2 visit, I’ve wanted 2 find u for yrs & u hv been on my mind very much lately…more than anything to tell u, after being a Fine Artist & Writer (horse trainer, engineer, etc-LOL!-but Foremost & Truly, the First 2) for most of my life, that YOU were MY major influence as an Artist, esp what a Woman Artist Could Do.I’ll never 4get when u 1st came to VMA as Principle,u many of the dark old corridors–esp on way 2 Cafeteria–with Bright Sparkling Colors, & I saw your Work–my v.1st glimpse of Modern/Abstract Art!! I was confused,I thought, “Any little child w/colors can do this kind of stuff..there isn’t anything “real”(representative) in it..” but I was only about ab 10 yrs old.I remember yr Works mixed w/Sand& other Textural Elements.U changed my life forever.When we last met u even offered to work w/me on ltd basis even tho u did not hv students anymore-& I panicked @ last min.,& then so much hard life followed incl moving 600 mi away shortly I have never had any formal training or classes at all outside of a (v.amusing)HS “Art” class @ VMA (got thrown out 4 laughing-imagine!)–then I got where I really preferred discovering things & creating multitudes of media & mixtures on my own & didn’t much want 2 be told What or How to do (haha) MY LOSS!! But I hv done extremely well here in Charlotte…I won/rec’d 1 of the 3 coveted NC Arts & Sciences Council Emerging Artist Award & Grant in ’88 from over 150 applicants (w/MFA’s:-)..then proceeded to churn out amazing work which I showed at the higher levels around SE, did very well, awards–published many pieces of written work & illustrations–then Life dealt me more blows, & end result was, unfortunately, the very yr after I fin. achieved my life goal of being able to quit working & focus compl on my creative work at my Ainvar Studio & had embarked on a real journey–also got heavily into crystals & nat’l minerals & did/do a great deal of jewelry design w/all nat’l precious/semi-precious gemstones (Big time geology Geek)–then had 2 back 2 back (no pun intended) spinal fusions in 2004 & 2005,followed by a cascade of mammoth health problems(& that 1976 near-fatal auto accident where I shld really hv been crippled for life); all built up & eventually landed me on SS Disability in early-mid 40’ss :-(…I’ve also been v.sick w/tick-borne illnesses fr all my yrs of riding, camping, hiking, et)…This yr altho life has bitten my ass w/more *tragedies* than ever I am Back n really In the Zone now, working on a new novella &pieces of varying length. Started trying to get new real website together w/the shambles of my existing portfolio, which suffered damages–I used to be on until the site was sold..then got hurt:-(I believe I’m now doing my best & most exciting Work yet of all types . I hv a fantastic husband now who helped make poss.,had the most amazing life of anyone I’ve ever known (altho an artist friend who taught at Davidson once told me: “U know, Kim, your life really is like a Bad Comic Book…”) Anyway hope u see this, I really do . Pls contact me if poss-& Most of All-THANK U FOR SHOWING ME a Real Artist & Real Art w/Passion! I am 4Ever grateful; U hv always been 1 of my Heroes & Amazing Woman…lots of love & admiration. Hope u r well, u look great! U cld Look on FB:-) PS I heard u wrote a book. Fantastic! U Rock:-)

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