Martha Ann Rinderle, SSJ — 60 years

Martha Ann Rinderle, SSJ, had two cousins who were Sisters of St. Joseph: Sister Celine Rinderle and Sister Martha Kuntz. As Sister Martha Ann grew older, she began to confide in Sister Celine, talking to her about her deepest thoughts. … Read More

Sister Bernardine Pais, SSJ — 80 Years

Sister Bernardine Pais, SSJ, is always one of the first people at daily liturgy and can be found in the afternoon praying her rosary. She was born on November 16, 1917 in Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania. She entered the Sisters of St. … Read More

Margaret O’Brien, SSJ — 60 Years

Margaret O’Brien, SSJ, formerly known as Sister Mary Matthew, was born on March 21, 1937 in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Sister entered the Sisters of St. Joseph from St. Joseph Parish in Oil City on August 29, 1956 and professed her … Read More