maxim 2 – read the original

You are made in God’s image. 

It’s a pretty spectacular heritage.  Live up to it.

The Maxims of the Little Institute of the Sisters of St. Joseph were written by our founder, Father Jean-Pierre Médaille, SJ, in the late 1600s as fundamental principles which a person seeking a life with God could follow.

Sister Susan Wilcox, CSJ of Brentwood, NY and a group of her high school students provided the contemporary translations.

Original Maxim 2, as written by Fr. Médaille:

Take it as a general rule for your inner being, for your virtues, and for your actions, that “you must be made perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect”; (Mt. 5:48) that is to say, embrace in all things what will bring about the greater glory of God, be more conformable to his holy will, and be more pleasing in his sight.