God’s timing is often not my timing.

A reflection ​by Clare Marie Beichner, SSJ Life and seasons have their timing. Mums typically bloom in the fall. The mums I purchased in September bloomed beautifully until late October. However, the mums I bought in 2022 and planted in … Read More

Are You Listening?

A Reflection on Mk 9:2-10 ​by SSJ Associate Margaret Chrymko The Transfiguration (Mk 9:2-10), when Jesus led Peter, James, and John up a mountain and was transfigured before them, is one of my favorite Gospels. In the past, I’ve reflected … Read More

Are You All In?

A Lenten Reflection by SSJ Agregee Betsy Wiest In John’s gospel, the woman who anoints Jesus is Mary of Bethany. Let’s start by saying that Mary got it. She sat at Jesus’ feet. She listened and opened her heart to … Read More